New Arrival

Top of the Smocks.



Crafted by hand in Scotland in limited batches. HAAR utilises some of the finest materials from UK suppliers, every element of our clothing has been considered and meticulously executed.

We are a small, independent, family-owned and run business which prides itself on quality. Making clothes you want to wear. We are not concerned with trends or fashion, instead choosing to adapt and be inspired by utilitarian, military and workwear styles.

HAAR clothes are timeless, classic and of the highest quality. Built for longevity, they only get better with time. 

We are one of a very few brands making quality menswear in Scotland, a place with a long and rich manufacturing heritage which has unfortunately been lost to cheap labour and poor working conditions overseas. We aim to help rebuild the manufacturing industry in Scotland by going back to our roots and restoring pride in quality, form and function.