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Munro Bagger

Made our way;
        The right way.

We make the finest menswear, we stand by that. Our garments are made by hand, in our small workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Each item is designed and constructed under one roof and built for longevity, utility, comfort and style. We choose to make items that we love and are proud of, that's why we source only the best fabrics and materials for use in our products. Our pricing is reflective of the amount of work and the high quality materials that go into our garments and we do not inflate our prices. We are transparent about our processes and have ensured sustainability is not only a consideration, but a focus throughout every stage of production, and beyond, until it finds its way to you. We hope that through wearing your HAAR garment it will become an extension of you and hold the memories of the travels and places you visit. When it becomes tired, and a little worse for wear, please consider repairing. This is something that we are pleased to introduce to our range of services.