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Made to order.

Many of our garments are made to order only. As a fledgling business, not backed by any financial investors, we have chosen to focus on quality over quantity. Although you may have to wait a few more weeks for your garment, we believe the wait to be worth it. 

Manufactured in Scotland by hand using the finest quality, and where possible, locally sourced materials, our garments retain a natural honesty and are built to last.


By taking a made to order approach, we have been able to offer a wider selection of fabrics and finishings than we would have if restricted to bulk orders. Without the risk of overstocking, we can stay true to our core belief of sustainability and take the time to truly get to know our customers. 


When you invest in a HAAR garment, you can be safe in the knowledge that it has been ethically manufactured especially for you with the upmost care and attention. 

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