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Our Process

Design & construction

Design & construction.

​We dedicate many hours ensuring our garments deliver equally on aesthetics, innovation, quality and performance.  


Simplicity is the foundation for all of HAAR’s garments, evident in our sophisticated patterns. We combine innovation with timeless design creating clothing which doesn't conform to current trends, instead, HAAR is far more concerned with form and function. Rather than shouting, our pieces stand quietly and confidently and are a pleasure to wear time and time again. If anything, our values are traditional and honest; harking back to a time when clothing was more purposeful and had a longer life. HAAR clothing is constructed to be with you for more than a season or a short-lived fad. 


Utilising traditional construction methods and craftmanship, our garments are built to perform and last. We personally put our garments to the test and are committed to making continual improvements to perfect our designs.  


Textile selection

Textile selection.

When you purchase a HAAR garment, a deeper fulfilment exists knowing that our textiles are selected based on quality which is underpinned by time honoured, traditional manufacturing techniques.


We carefully select all our fabrics and develop relationships with suppliers who we feel share our core values of quality, sustainability, craftsmanship, fair wages and workers rights.


Wherever possible, we work with local mills and textile manufacturers in order to take advantage of the rich and diverse textile heritage which has played an important part in the social and economic history of Britain. 

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We work with a number of highly skilled local Craftspeople who make our garments by hand in small batches. This allows a level of quality control and a lack of unnecessary waste which a far bigger operation would be unable to achieve. 


All of our garments are made in Scotland and we are passionate about supporting our local manufacturing industry with fair wages reflecting the work they do in order to help develop and re-grow this once vibrant UK trade.


We have ambitions to develop our own manufacturing capability offering sustainable careers to a broad range of people and support the re-building of lost skills. This goal will also further enable us to innovate and accelerate our current processes and expand the business to offer a more comprehensive collection of our vision, all while conforming to our exacting standards.  



We price our garments as fairly and as competitively as possible. The quality and craftsmanship which goes in to every stage of our process does come at a larger initial cost. However, we hope you will agree, that a HAAR garment continues to deliver; it's value far out-passes its fast-fashion counterparts or those products which are made with poor working conditions and compensation for their workers. 

As the adage goes; if you buy quality, you only cry once.


We never inflate our prices to account for excessive margins, instead, we want to make our clothes as accessible as possible for our customers and continually review how we can do this.



When you invest in a HAAR garment you are investing in the care and attention put in to all the stages above, you know where your garment started its life and how it has been made, however this is just the beginning. We hope our creations will become your own through the experiences you have wearing them and the places they take you, only getting better with time.


We are passionate about providing a personal service to our customers and we value and appreciate all feedback we receive.

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