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Back to basics ...

What should the first HAAR collection consist of? This was one of our first tasks on the ‘to-do’ list and one which both of us were looking forward to. Our vision for HAAR is to use the highest quality fabrics and textiles which are sourced in Scotland and the British Isles to create contemporary menswear which is both practical and functional, so our designs needed to reflect this.

Inspired by the array of beautiful British fabrics during our research; from tweeds, cottons, corduroy, waxed fabrics to knitwear; we knew we wanted to create a full range of garments in order to make the most of the textures and textiles available. After much consideration, we have narrowed our first collection offering to a Jacket, Overshirt, Gilet, three styles of Shirts, T-shirt, and two variations of Trouser - which we believe to be a solid foundation of staple menswear garments and a comprehensive selection for HAAR’s introduction to the world. Many more designs and concepts wait patiently in the wings until their appearance in future collections…

With 10 years experience working within the menswear and lifestyle industry for highly renowned stores with exposure to some of the most iconic and inspiring clothing brands from around the globe, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. This has proved invaluable during the formation of our original HAAR designs.

“Eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” - Hans Hoffman

Ultimately, a HAAR garment is rooted and informed by classic menswear designs from heritage workwear and military apparel, but simplified for a contemporary aesthetic.

We are not concerned with current trends or making statement pieces that have little function. Our focus is solely on designing and making wearable garments which perform well, whilst looking good.

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