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Long time no blog.

We are admittedly terrible at writing blog posts, we go a long time without writing anything and then realise all to late we should have probably said something about that new product we just dropped or or the exciting news that happened this week. We're going to try and set a reminder, so we can keep this journal up to date with our goings on.

First things first though, lets get caught up to speed what has happened over the last few months:



Firstly, Covid happened. It was incredibly difficult to source the supplies for some of our products and with lockdowns and restrictions going on nationwide, and locally, this put a bit of a strain on the business. We have come through what we hope is the worst of it, and actually picked up more followers and customers along the way. Having had a very successful few months we are very grateful for all of the support shown by so many like-minded people.


Merchant Menswear

We added our second stockist to our Line-up. After sending out our Brand Books which we made up, we began talking with Anthony of Merchant Menswear and have since secured an order of some very nice CPO jackets to make their way down to Taunton, Somerset where our products will sit alongside a serious line-up of brands. We are looking forward to seeing them displayed in Merchant Menswear, and eventually visit the store ourselves at a time when it becomes easier to do so.


Monty Don

We were surprised and delighted to see our favourite famous Gardener on BBC's Gardener's World, presenting the entire show wearing our 'Autumn Leaves' Harris Tweed CPO overshirt Jacket. Monty Don is a real gentleman with a great sense of style. Styled with a roll-top sweater and some suitably loose pants, Monty's Utilitarian style is always on the money.

The ‘autumn leaves’ brown check tweed looks incredible mirroring the colours of the season. Tweed provides insulation while also being breathable making it a great choice for any outdoor pursuit at this time of year. Wool is also naturally water resistant and hard wearing so we hope this jacket serves Monty well for years to come!

You can watch the full episode here:

Monty wears our Harris Tweed Autumn Leaves CPO in size XL.


New Shirts

As Autumn has approached and we are now fully in the midst of this colourful season of reds, golds, and warm hues, we further developed our collection of shirts to include a thick, high quality corduroy button-down shirt in gold, a shirt of mixed autumnal colours of rich reds, greens and golds, and finally added a new style altogether with an array of pockets and patches in tones of green which has a very military feel to it. All three shirts have been a tremendous success and we are so pleased with how our discerning customers have taken to them.


New Socks

To build our offering further we worked with a British factory to produce our first collection of wool socks. Wool known for its warmth, moisture wicking properties, durability and of course comfort. We have release them in two colour-ways; A marled Green, Grey and Brown Sock, and a Marled Ecru, Beige and black. Both featuring a bright pop of survival orange at the heel and toe. Finished with our HAAR tab on the cuff. These turned out just as we wanted them and have sold very well already, we had hoped we had bought enough for Christmas gifts and the colder weather ahead but it's already looking like we might run out!


New Trouser

Our great friend in Japan, Kazuto - Owner of Onkochishin really was the first retailer to work with us and we have since built and incredible relationship. His shop in the Chiba Provence has a fantastic selection of brands from Britain both new and vintage. His customers know their clothes and through Onkochishin have ordered SMU's (Special Make Ups) in our Distiller Pant and ideal a few styles of our shirts. We are therefore pleased to finally introduce our lined Harris Tweed trousers to our own customers in two very wearable herringbone Tweeds. Not only that but we have also added a Navy cotton Twill pair of Distiller pants to our Line-up which makes for an everyday wardrobe staple.