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Wear and Repair

In an effort to make our clothes more sustainable, better for the planet and even longer lasting, we are proud to introduce our 'Wear and Repair' service on all HAAR garments. 

We make our clothing in Scotland for a number of reasons; Quality, transparency, longevity and sustainability. No matter how well made your clothes are, after repeated wear, fibres will become damaged. 

We believe it's an issue that we can help address and hopefully by repairing your loved garments they will be given a new lease of life and are saved from heading to the landfill.

If you have bought and item of clothing from HAAR that has seen better days, then drop us a message and we will work out how we can fix them to be functional once again. 

In some instances, where the garments cannot be mended 'invisibly' we will utilise other offcuts of fabrics (again to save waste in our production process) and make a beautiful feature of the repair that you can proudly wear as a battle scar, one that will give your garment a unique appearance and a story to tell.

Without being preachy, there's a lot more we can all do for the betterment of the environment and the planet. Admittedly this is just one of many small practices we have put in place. But eventually we hope all these small pieces will make a big difference. 


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