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Easy and Breezy

Blue Linen/Cotton blend camp collar shirt.

Now available from stock. Limited numbers.

You might have seen these being made over on our instagram stories?

We decided to give video a go and clip up the process of making these shirts.

So if you followed the instagram stories here is the result...

Hopefully, the stories shone some light on the amount of detail and work that goes into each and every piece. Made by hand, made to last, and made in Scotland.

After the success of our 'making of' vids we are planning to start making some YouTube videos and who knows maybe even a TikTok or two.

It's just a case of finding the time...

Until then, here is the cotton/linen blend open collar / camp collar / cuban collar shirt, constructed in a bright and breezy blue.

The 50/50 blend cloth marries the best of both fibres, making this a lightweight, textured fabric with excellent drape and a softness that wrinkles less than it's 100% linen counterparts.

We added some nice large gusseted/bellow pockets to the shirt so you won't be caught out for storage in the summer sun.

Available online now.

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