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There's so much to say...

we've been working away on so many interesting projects, we've hardly had any time to write about them... As always, Social media and newsletter subscriptions are a great place to be kept informed and up-to-date on all our news, and recent developments developments. We have so much news since we wrote our last blog, its a little daunting to know where to start. So we've decided to just kick off the blog again with a little overview of the past month of particular projects of note, and then we've given ourselves a stern and thorough talking to, to ensure we don't wait so long to again to update the journal...

Ok so here goes... Some of the projects we are really happy to have worked on this past month:

To start February off, we worked on a bespoke Women's Harris Tweed Double breasted Coat for a customer. We were delighted with how it came together and consider it a big success in an area (womenswear) we're not really known for. Everything was designed and constructed from scratch from our masterful super tailor Irina. Below are some snaps we took at the coastline of it with Jess, before delivering it to the customer:

Once the coat was finished, it was time to catch up on the list of smaller orders that had come in: these included everything from our navy corduroy packable hat, to various shirts and of course our ever popular trouser offering in both Fatigue and Distiller Pant styles.

Once we had got on top of the orders the next notable project which was undertaken was an SMU (Special Make-up) of the Collaborative Dispatcher coat we created with our Japanese Stockist; Onkochishin. This version was constructed as before, however, the customer wanted to swap out the waxed cotton cloth for a Ventile L24 waterproof shell.

After completing the Ventile version of the Dispatcher and sending it on its way to Japan, the next order of business was to work on another Outerwear piece, this time the Munro Bagger Parka this time constructed in a beautiful, rich Purple Hybrid Aero Waxed cotton cloth, which long time supporter and good customer ordered as a special make-up. Now known between ourselves as 'Maclennan' purple after his excellent choice. This one went Germany.

One of the other notable orders of the month was again, another Munro Bagger Parka. A special Make-up, this time with a contrasting beige zipper tape, brown Corduroy trim and pullers, and a completely new addition of a removable press stud secured facemask. Alex who bought the Jacket and works locally to our workshop kindly allowed us to take some photos of him wearing his new jacket. We hope you can agree, it certainly is something special: