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WE HAVE STOCK - White Cotton Twill Shirts

We are delighted to announce that our standard cotton twill shirt is now STOCK SUPPORTED on our website.

As you know, we currently offer a range of styles on a made to order basis. As a small business, this is a decision which was made considering both sensibility and necessity. It is a great way to get to know our customers, reduce waste and it gave us the ability to focus on quality over quantity. Bulk orders are expensive. Minimum quantities still seem out of reach in the eyes of a small business and the risk of overstocking is always on the mind.

However, having stock is, and always has been, one of our long term goals. Making our garments more accessible is super important to us and this is a small but very significant step in the maturity of our business.


We have chosen to keep it classic and champion our Standard White Cotton Twill Shirt. This 100% cotton twill shirt has already claimed its position as a best seller for us and it is one of those garments which is a must have wardrobe staple at any time of the year.


Twill is the name given to a particular weaving technique which has been around since ancient times. Textiles have been found in Ireland dating back to 600BC, so twill is nothing new, but for many reasons, it still has an important place in today’s clothing industry.

Filling threads are woven over and under two or more warp yarns creating the characteristic diagonal wale pattern of twill. This pattern enables the fabric to be more closely woven, making it generally heavier and more durable than a plain weave fabric such as poplin.

Twill is regarded for its resistance to wind, water, stains and wrinkling. Twill is extremely versatile and by using a variety of yarn, anything from lightweight to heavy duty textiles can be produced.

Combined with the comfort, breathability and durability of cotton, cotton twill is a longstanding favorite and has served many purposes over the years from workwear and military clothing to many forms of casual and formal attire.

So when choosing fabric for our classic white shirt, cotton twill was an obvious choice.

We believe our 215gsm cotton twill fabric (of course sourced from a UK supplier) is the perfect shirting material. It is substantial enough to take you through all the Great British seasons and versatile enough to look great at any occasion casual or formal.

Visit our store to get your hands on one!

Shots taken at Newtonhill Bay near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.


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