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Your next pair of socks should be made of Wool and made by HAAR.

Wool is an incredible material which can out perform many synthetic technical fabric counterparts.

This 100% natural fibre doesn't only perform extremely well, it is the ultimate material for the eco-conscious.

Wool is the ideal material for socks. Below we have laid out why:

Wool is the perfect material for socks, here's why:

It's extremely soft and comfortable

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

Wool fibres are naturally coated with waxy fatty acids that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. This coating also repels the water that allows things like mildew and mold to take hold.

Woolen items stay fresher for longer, they require less washing and remain smelling fresh after repeated use.

Wool is an excellent insulator, meaning warmth in winter but cool in Summer.

Renowned for it's ability to regulate body temperature, Wool insulates by trapping dry, warm air near the skin. The natural insulating property of the fibres also have an ability to shed excess water, In hot conditions, the coiled shape of the fibres draws excess heat and moisture away from your skin. Allowing you to stay cooler and more comfortable.

Wool holds up to 60% of its own weight in water before feeling wet.

The inner core of wool fibres absorb almost half its own weight in water. Until Wool is saturated with 60% of its own weight it will remain feeling dry to touch. Even more incredible, Wool fibres retain 80% of insulating ability even when saturated. Meaning wool will still keep you warm when wet.

Odour resistant

For the same reasons that wool is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, also means that the bacteria which are responsible for causing odours are much less able to take hold.

Reacts to the changes in body temperature.

Wool is a great material to wear in both cold and warmer months, making it perfect for changeable weather.

Stain resistant

The very same properties that make wool such an amazing material for repelling water, bacteria and odours also give the fibres a natural stain resistance.

Durable and hardwearing

Wool performs considerably better overall by having a longer lifespan and being much more durable than cotton.

Easy to care for.

Caring for Wool is easy and gentle on the planet. When it is time to wash Wool clothes, you can either wash them in a washing machine, or hand wash with ease.

The darker colour-way of our wool socks has a marled body of black, grey and deep green, finished with pops of orange at the heel and toe.


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