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A HAAR garment, beyond the functional and aesthetic value, retains a pure artisanal honesty which is on the verge of being lost to a mass-produced fashion industry. Our philosophy is to develop products which last and become part of the wearer.  

Simplicity is the foundation for all of HAAR’s garments, evident in our clean, contemporary and sophisticated patterns. However, a deeper fulfilment exists knowing that our textiles are selected based on quality which is underpinned by time honoured, traditional engineering techniques. Where possible, we aim to take advantage of the rich and diverse textile heritage which has played an important part in the social and economic history of Britain. 



Designed and manufactured in Scotland, our garments are inspired by the varied and symbolic landscape and the culture which surrounds us. From the rolling heather-covered hills, lonely mountain ranges and rugged coastlines, to the rich, multi-layered history which lies in the land, castles, towns and the people who live there.

The name HAAR comes from the unrelenting sea fog (haar) which often envelopes the North East of Scotland making the familiar and every-day seem different, un-recognisable. It forces you to focus only on what is in front of you, eliminating all non-essential forms, features and concepts. It is not bound by obstacles and removes all distractions. 


A HAAR garment is hand crafted in Scotland with care and attention. It is made from the finest quality materials from Mills who share our core values and beliefs. We are passionate about the entire process of manufacture, working closely with our suppliers to ensure materials are of the highest quality with absolute transparency in our practice. Our skilled artisans then craft the garment by hand, in small batches to create something that we hope will become your own through the experiences you have wearing them and the places they take you.